Adidas Rod Laver - the better Stan Smith


How many Stan Smiths do you see on an average day? From your everyday Joe to your East-End hipster, to your Northern football casual to your City boy on his day off, it seems that everyone has latched on to the best selling sports shoe of all time.Don’t get me wrong – with it’s simple and clean yet stylish silhouette, the Stan Smith is a truly legendary shoe that really does deserve the tag line a ‘timeless classic’.

But, do you really want to wear the same piece of footwear as everyone else?

That’s why I introduce you to the Adidas Rod Laver. Not as well-known as the Stan Smith,  I like to see the Rod Laver as the older, more sophisticated brother of the Stan Smith.

With a similar shape, if slightly bigger and more masculine, the Rod Laver is another shoe which was inspired on the tennis court, being worn in the 1930s by Australian tennis legend Rod Laver himself.

The surprising thing is that despite being a cult classic, the Rod Laver has never really grown to the same heights as the Stan Smith. This is especially puzzling considering the fact that the Rod Laver is frequently cheaper than the Stan Smith and comes in a far more diverse range of colours and shapes too.

So, instead of following the crowd and buying the ‘latest’ Stan Smith with a ridiculous leopard pattern or straps designed for kindergartens, be a bit more adventurous and buy the Rod Laver. Your style will thank you for it. 

Written by: JD

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