Clarks Wallabees


The Wallabee has been produced by Clarks since 1967 and comes in two classic styles – the shoe and the boot. Having become an iconic Clarks shoe alongside the Desert boot, the desert trek and the rambler, the Wallabee has had a resurgence in recent years. This, emphasized through Walter White in 'Breaking Bad' who consistantly wears his trusty Wallabees throughout the full five seasons. 

The reason for the article is because of the stigma and contraversary that seems to constantly surround the Wallabee. I constantly hear them being referred to as 'the ugliest shoe in the world', 'a cheap school shoe' or 'bus drivers' shoes' - pretty sure I've heard them all now. I'm sick of it and it's time to stamp that misconception out.

Wallabees whether you love them or hate them are the simplest cool shoe out there. They can be worn casually or smartly and can be worn just about anywear. The fact that their style remains unchanged since the 60s speaks volumes of how successful and loved the design is. How many shoes out there can be made in both leather and suede and worn by children, adults and drug dealers and still look as on point on anyone? The Wallabee is the only one.

So next time you see someone rocking the Wallabee, stop, have a proper look at the them and appreciate them for what they really are. A historic shoe, wrapped in both culture and style, that continues to look the shit irrelevant of the times.

Written by: JD

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