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In two week's time, on Friday 11th December, Bristol based heavyweights Binary Vision will host their 2nd birthday party, and are celebrating in style with a line up that is quite literally - 'one for the heads' - as has been quoted on various social media websites. The headliner is the undisputed king of liquid, Calibre, arguably CC's favourite DnB producer, a man who's responsible for some of the most sublime and well crafted drum and bass produced in recent times. Aligned to this, and completing the line up - are local veterans Total Science, fast rising stars Technimatic and a couple of old school legends in the shape of a very special B2B with Randall and Doc Scott

Over the course of the last two years, Binary Vision have hosted nights that represent a broad swathe of the UK music scene, encompassing drum and bass, garage, techno and tech-house. It's therefore no suprise that for their 2nd birthday, they've decided to go with their most successful genre thus far for which they have already booked the likes of DJ Marky, SpectraSoul, S.P.Y, Lenzman, Commix & Ivy Lab

One thing that has continuously separated Binary Vision from its competitors is the investment made in terms of sound and lighting. The soundsystem will be juiced up and you can expect their most impressive visual show to date. While preparations for the show are fully underway, CC and BV caught up with the dynamic double act Technimatic to talk all things DnB. Check it out in full below, while you can still grab the remaining few tickets from here.

Firstly, your killer track – “Bristol”, why was this track named after the city?

We have always loved the 'Bristol' sound, everything Krust, Die, Roni Size and the Full Cycle crew have done over the years.  The city has always had strong and deep connections to drum and bass and jungle and it was a tip of our hats in recognition of that. 

Have you ever played at Lakota before?

Nope, have never played at Lakota so really looking forward to what is in store! 

What do you think of the line up for the 11th, are you good friends with any of the other artists playing?

Well it's a really strong blend of artists in one place so very excited to play with all of them to be honest! So much diversity in sound and styles throughout the artists involved, should be one to remember.

Have you ever thought of throwing your own parties? And if so who would your dream bookings be?

Well, I (Andy) did actually put on some parties in Bedford years and years ago with a group of friends.  It was a fantastic experience and something I really enjoyed but it also gave me a huge respect for promoters and what they do.  It is such a skill.  I was never particularly good at it but it was such a huge feeling of satisfaction if the party was really kicking off.  I think if we did look at doing our own parties now we would have to get a promoter to run it on our behalf to stop us causing too much mischief!  Dream bookings?  Difficult to say really.  Some of the lineups back in the mid to late 90s when warehouse spaces were being packed all over the country were incredible, it didn't matter who played what it was all just about rave culture and letting your hair down. 

Back in 2008 when Technicolour and Komatic started making music together, could you ever have imagined the success that followed? Being signed to a label as prestigious as Shogun and winning the Drum & Bass album of the year in 2015. Or were these long term goals of yours from the onset?

We always knew when we started making music together that something special was happening right from the outset, but that's not to say we expected any success as a result.  It was more the fact that the chemistry between us just clicked, straight away.  And that is rare, it isn't often you can be brutally honest with someone and they completely respect what you are saying each time, or that you can hit a vibe and you both know it without even having to say it to each other.  We are constantly living and achieving our dreams every step of the way, the only thing that is becoming harder now is that the dreams are getting bigger!  Ultimately though, we are still just Pete and Andy and we don't think that will ever change.  We absolutely LOVE what we do and still have just as much passion for it now as we did when we first started.

Which track of yours do you see as the one that really kick started your career?

Daydreamer, without a doubt.  That tune hit the top 10 in all of the DnB charts across the board and was the first track that told the Drum and Bass scene who we were.  It was a really pivotal moment for us as well because we never expected the success and felt extremely humbled people took to the track so well.  We still feel that everytime someone buys one of our tracks or expresses an interest in our music.  It means a heck of lot to us both.

We saw in your D&BTV interview when you got singed to SGN:LTD you both had jobs outside of drum and bass. Is this still the case? If so, what are the day jobs for Andy and Pete Technimatic? 

It is still the case although we are constantly working to get the balance right!  Andy is a cameraman for TV and Pete works as a graphic designer.

Your music is renowned for being some of the most uplifting D&B about; did you always aim to produce feel good tracks?

It's going to sound like a horrific cliché but we have always written music that just gives us a feeling, an expression, a mood.  We have to connect with it and on a really deep level while we are making it, even after it is finished.  It has to move us.  So many tracks have fallen to one side because later on we just fell out of love with it and didn't feel the connection anymore.  The bottom line is we have to feel that certain something we can't put our fingers on, but we both know when we hit it and we both know when it's right.  And only we know when that happens.  HIVE MIND. Haha!

What can we expect from you in the near future? ​

We are deep inside album 2 now and have approximately 12 tracks finished and in the pot.  Many of those may not make the album but we are just writing and writing and writing, testing things out at gigs, seeing what works and what doesn't.  After 'Desire Paths' it took a little while to get back in the groove but we are really firing on all cylinders now and the tracks are starting to come together.  Hopefully it won't be too far away but we want to make sure we get it right and completely feel good about it, to the very last detail. 

What can we expect from your set in Bristol?

Expect a lot of unheard material from us, a lot of potential new album tracks.  Plus a host of surprises.  You'll have to wait and see!

Coolest gig you’ve ever played and why?

Sun & Bass and Let It Roll are both up there as the maddest parties and most special places we have done.  People who know the music inside out and the love we received from the audiences was quite over-whelming.  An absolute privilege to do both and experiences that will live with us all of our lives.

Where are we most likely to catch you relaxing in Bristol?

Somewhere close to beer and wine.  STANDARD.


Pictures courtesy of Binary Vision.

Written by: OJ

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