The Calm Down: 007

2016 continues to be the year that keeps on taking: a bomb in a Turkish football stadium, another in Cairo, and the untimely death of the inimitable AA Gill. In an attempt to alleviate some of the gloom and keep the clouds at bay, here’s The Calm Down. Kicking us off is a track from the legendary Arto Lindsay - born in America, raised in Brazil by his missionary parents, his gentle sound is a direct product of this cultural cross pollination, and is bloody lovely. Moving swiftly onwards we’ve got some funky numbers from Bootsy Collins, Childish Gambino and The Dip, some hip-hop from Stanley Clarke & Q-Tip and Yancey Boys, a slice of sun-drenched surf rock from White Denim and three minutes of perfection from George Harrison. Keep on truckin' team, the sun will rise tomorrow.

Words by: Mac

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