The Come Up: Nebula

It feels like a long time ago that I first went to a nightclub, but it was only three or so years ago when I think back. It feels like a long time, I think, because the most developmental years of my life involved a great deal of going out, as I think is the case with a great deal of young people. And whilst we develop as individuals, we make strong emotional associations with the music that we listen to, and particularly the music that we go out to. Nebula is a way for us to explore how different people enjoy clubbing and to explore the complexity and vastness of dance music. I am hugely impressed by the depth and variety of the musical interest of all the DJs that perform at Nebula, displayed by the mixes that they individually put together to promote the night and themselves as DJs. Its reassuring, and I would say quite rare, to see young people genuinely engage with something with so much energy as young DJs do nowadays, and I am very happy that the increase in student-run nights like Nebula afford them the opportunity to perform, and are introducing more and more people to the huge and exciting world of dance music. Kicking us off are Munich based DJ and producer duo Rhode & Brown with 'Tunnel Vision', an emotive and downright gorgeous analogue house jam, guaranteed to get some heads nodding. CC favourite and Waxtefacts teamster Real D continues the grooves, before another Toy Tonics release in the shape of 'Back in the Days' sprinkles some disco seasoning in the pot. Mall Grab and Hubie Davidson follow suit before we get a bit techy with Mark Henning’s 'You’re Digging Into Me', whilst Atlus, Butch and Dwayne Jensen lead us down the garden path towards the sunset. Adesse Versions play us out with 'Pride': an ominous and rolling banger of a track, and a rather fitting end to a week dominated by a storm named after a 95 year old dinner lady. Get ta fuck Doris you old bitch!

Words by: Nebula

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