Doüzy's Top Tracks

Nu Guinea – Ddoje Facce

Electro funk specialists, Italian producers Lucio Aquilina and Massimo di Lena, aka Nu Guinea, have done your poolside playlist wonders with their new EP ‘Nuova Napoli’. Encompassing sounds from their travels alongside the contemporary Neapolitan scene, the album brings the kind of sound that transcends both genres and generations. Enjoy!

Gorillaz – Souk Eye

With one of the strongest collections of best hits around, it’s easy to stick with the classics when it comes to bands like Gorillaz and having seen them perform last year, I listened back through their albums. I was rewarded with Souk Eye, the closing track of their 2018 album ‘The Now Now’. With both light and heavy guitar riffs, flavoured by some disco-synth sounds, these cryptically romantic lyrics contrast with the apocalyptic messages of their most revered album, Demon Days.

Joe Geia – Yil Lull

Don’t let the intensity of the didgeridoo divert you – Geia uses the acoustic guitar wonderfully in this track to celebrate the aborigines in Australia, as well as the indigenous populations of lands across the globe. Referred to as the ‘unofficial aborigine anthem’, Geia certainly restores some positivity during fractured times.

Pharaohs – F & M Suite

Music has the power to elevate my mood and get me out of bed in the morning. These energetic and bouncy synths always help to take that first step out of the house and onwards onto a productive day.

Sugar Minott – House On A Hill

In my humble opinion, the value of reggae as a genre can never be underestimated. As a historical landmark, it shares its significance for the emancipation of the politically oppressed with Blues, Soul and Hip-Hop. And, as a collection of instrumental and vocal sounds, its evocation of Caribbean vibes along with the quintessential off-beat rarely fail to get heads bobbing and voices smiling. I could’ve chosen any number of songs, but I believe this lover’s rock jam from Sugar Minott flies the red, gold, and green flag high.


Words by: Luc Kelly - @douzyex