My doodle page (@oodles.n.doodles) was first conceived on a depressingly grey rainy afternoon in Edinburgh, where I am currently studying at University. Frustrated at the injustices of the world - such as war, world hunger and boys who don't text back - I picked up my pen and began to express my emotions on paper. Since then I have never looked back. What started off as something very silly has become incredibly cathartic, a form of therapy if you will. Wallowing in self-pity because of the consequences of my own actions? Doodle. Ruined a romance because of hideous drunken behaviour? Doodle. And the greatest thing about it is the fact that I have discovered that everyone else feels exactly the same way. It’s as if we are united in a huge hand holding chain, swaying back and forth singing a gospel to the embarrassing moments, frustrations and fuck boys that define our lives.

I am aware that this seems to imply @oodles.n.doodles has gone entirely global. Alas, I’ve only just about infiltrated one or two British universities but I’m dreaming that one day that will change. My next plan of action is to challenge WH Smith’s monopoly on greetings cards. As everyone knows, small businesses are in and capitalist corporations are out! So I’m hoping they should go down quite easily in a fight. So if you are looking for a fun card to send to your friend, or a personalised postcard for someone’s wall, I am indeed your girl. Next year, I am jetting off for a year abroad in Berlin, and taking this shop INTERNATIONAL. I look forward to the German boys providing plenty of new material and, as always, my DMs are open for you to share your stories to be turned into doodle art. Remember there’s a funny side to everything - Auf Wiedersehen! 




                                                                                Pt. 2 




                                                                               Pt. 4.1 


                                                                                 Pt. 4.2


                                                                                   Pt. 4.3


                                                                                    Pt. 4.4 




Words and Doodles by: Thea Elmsley