Fashion Week: London College of Fashion

Chang Zhang – based on the theme of male friendship this collection is essentially an ode to bromance, with the designer wanting to show man’s “emotional connection with each other…sharing their inside worlds”. A heavy use of heritage pattern gingham was consistent throughout, yet different sizes, colours, contrasts and scales kept things contemporary and fresh in each look. As with many others in his cohort, as well as in established collections this Autumn, the cut was boxy and loose, with the trousers floating and straight. Technically complex, conceptually strong, and eye-catching as fuck, Zhang might just be one to keep an eye out for.


Tak Lee – whilst the collection as a whole was somewhat muddled, his use of oversized camo knitwear was possibly the star of the entire show; especially if the flurry of iphones that got whipped out upon their arrival is anything to go by. Baker-boy hats and Victorian style bonnets reminiscent of a Dickens novel were coupled with dusty, over dyed denim outerwear pieces and some really quite nice patchwork jeans, topped off with some quasi-apocalyptic Birkenstock sandals. Not quite there yet, but well on the way.


Jooin Yang – this man is a certified fucking wizard. Through some extraordinarily smart tailoring/witchcraft, he managed to turn a grey overcoat into a blue suit jacket via some kind of waistcoat. With the transformation complete, and the audience mumbling in astonishment, he sauntered off and let the pretty boys show the rest of his equally impressive collection. Boxy doubled breasted jackets and cropped, tapered trousers were the standout. A fantastic mix of imagination, innovation and tradition: certainly one to watch.


Words by: Mac

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