Fashion Week: Phoebe English


English’s fourth foray into menswear is defined by its utility and functionality, inspired by work. As she philosophically noted, “it is winter, so your clothes have to work”, and this theme was carried through into the physical concept of the presentation, with the models physically sweeping, washing, pegging socks onto a line etc. However, work goes deeper than the surface with this collection, one grounded in heavy duty fabrics such as corduroy, velvet and waxed cotton, and characterised by roomy silhouettes. The palette is dark, industrial almost – navy, coal grey, bottle green and brown – uniform and yet utterly wearable with a hint of revolutionary defiance, a leitmotif English is utilising more and more (see her previous anti Brexit womenswear collection for confirmation). As she herself says, “passivity is a luxury we can no longer afford”, and with the world teetering on the brink of destruction, these are some garms you could wear to lead the rebellion. Fuck athleisure, this is active-wear for a fighting generation.


Words by: Mac
All photos courtesy of Vogue Runway

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