Introducing: Bethnals

In a year where celebrated designers are fusing their men and women’s collections into one gender blurred entity, a new revolution of style is emerging which refuses to be categorised or minimised by the denotation of either ‘him’ or ‘her’. Instead, it focuses on the inclusive nature of form rather than the exclusive nature of gender. This notion is about escaping the confines of the catwalk, and seeping into the world of the everyday. Their utopian vision of unisex denim strips back style to the basics, concentrating on "simple, fuss-free denim that speaks volumes without the need to be over-styled". Finding inspiration in London’s artistic scene in conjunction with a clear Scandi influence, Bethnals under the radar reputation seems to only enhance its understated aesthetic.

Founded by Melissa Grant, with over 14 years experience working in the industry, Bethnals is a London based denim brand recognising that the present has replaced the conventional with its antonym, paving the way for diversity instead of conformity. Originally funded by Kickstarter, Melissa created Bethnals having seen a gap in the market for the constant swapping of denim articles of clothing between men and women stating “I’m a tomboy, and I have always worn authentic ‘boys’ jeans; I used to work for a fast fashion giant and the whole time I was there my male friends were wearing my women’s jeans… So I guess over a number of years the whole concept behind Bethnals became too obvious not to do.” Established in 2013, her collection spans from a simple cut pair of jeans to a strikingly simplistic rendering of the classic double-denim co-ord in a blue and white pin stripe.  Bethnals blossoming success speaks for itself.

Placing emphasis on a perfect fit and luxury quality, Bethnals not only bridges the gap between high street and high end with its affordable prices, but also weaves the East London spirit into its every thread. Steering clear of fickle trends, the brand's ethos is to create pieces that transcend time and remain a must-buy throughout every season. Claiming to be your ‘London Uniform’, Bethnals promises a new era of denim domination. Shop the A/W16 collection here, and if you like the vibes check out our introduction to Noah, streetwear's ethically and morally sound younger brother!

Written by: Ella

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