Introducing: Harmony


Some of you may remember a few years back a brand named ‘BWGH’ or ‘Brooklyn We Go Hard’; a Paris based brand with a penchant for monochromes and texture, perhaps best known for their ‘Brooklyn Parle Français’ sweatshirts. The brand had a huge amount of success in a fairly small amount of time. However, in 2014, co-founder David Obadia decided it was time for something new, launching ‘Harmony’ in the autumn of that year. In the words of Obadia, Harmony seeks to capture ‘Parisian elegance: minimal and a little bit effortless’, and his latest collection proves testament to just that. Finding much of his influence in art, Obadia’s colour palette continually references the likes of Matisse and Klein, adding splashes of colour that beautifully complement his otherwise monochromatic silhouettes. 


Obadia states that the menswear side of the brand is 100% centred on his own style: ‘super simple and super minimal’, resonant with the likes of Acne, A.P.C., and Public School. The aim with this line is to provide day-to-day wear that completes the customer’s wardrobe, offering high quality, wearable clothes, combining the energetic elements of streetwear with the more sophisticated features of high fashion. Harmony achieves just this.


Harmony’s womenswear provides a fitting counterpart to its Parisian man, offering a very similar goal: monochromatic, minimal designs with flashes of subdued colour – essentially, how Obadia wants to see women dress. The latest collection shows elements of an almost boyish look: women in wide legged trousers, and squared suiting, yet maintaining a feminine elegance. Whilst still young, Harmony looks to have the makings of a brand with both energy and longevity – Obadia’s message is very clear: ‘we don’t do fashion, we do clothes’, and I must say, very good clothes at that.


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Written by: George

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